Crushed Wings
This film represents the story of 200 million women across the globe whose wings have been crushed by FGM.
International Film Festivals Awards & Selections
Quarter Finalist
Make art not fear Film Festival
Porto Portugal
Independent Prisma Awards
Rome Italy
Honorable Mention
Filmmaker United International Film Festival Global UK
Official Selection
Gladiator Film Festival
Official Selection
Cinema Of Nation
Award Winner
Virgin Cine Fest
Calcutta India
Seven Awards Winner/ Oct 2021
Bridge Fest
Vancouver Canada
Official Selection
Golden Harvest Festival
Tokyo, Japan
Best Educational Film
Crown wood International Film Festival Kolkata India
Ria, a seven-year-old girl growing up in a village, is led by her mother to a place where a group of women from her community awaits her. Here she is mutilated by an unqualified cutter, who completes the cultural FGM-ritual that ensures she will one day be taken as a wife. The child, once old enough, goes on to be forcibly married and moved away from her family to England. Eventually, Ria seeks help in escaping the life she is trapped in, but the life of her two younger sisters hangs in the balance. Can she change her elders' minds and prevent them from being led down the same path? Or will they become three more of 200 million women across the globe whose wings have been crushed by FGM?
Why watch this film?
For entertainment, for awareness, and for educational purposes.
Most of the people think FGM is religious practice but after watching this film viewer will learn something new.
Mental Impact
Film will show how cut in childhood impact mentally to survivors in their whole life.
Watching Ria story will give overview of all other survivors of FGM world wide.
Story of Ria will inspire and motivate people to save young girls from FGM
Crushed Wings will be a voice for those who have suffered from the horrible practice and rituals of FGM and its consequences and for those who are suffering at present. It is based on a collection of stories told by many FGM survivors with different backgrounds. The film has a happy end showing that change is possible, encouraging communities to revise their ideas of mutilating a person and to break hugely impacting cultural-traditional dogmas and its sickening cycles, passed on through generations. It's time for a wake-up call and seen by a worldwide audience, the film will influence the minds of people globally with hopefully a positive outcome to the lives of many. - Lalit Bhusal

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